Dumfries Academy Crowned College's Annual Schools Competition Winner

Dumfries & Galloway College Press Release


Dumfries & Galloway College hosted the Annual Schools Competition on Thursday 1st May. The competition was once again extremely popular with the regions secondary schools. The day was a great success with 12 out of the 16 schools battling it out to be crowned the winner of the Schools Competition 2014.

The competition is a taster day with a difference, with the main purpose of the day being to provide S3 pupils with an introduction to the College and the various subject areas. The curriculum staff designed the events to provide the pupils with an exciting and fun way to gain hands on experience and knowledge of the individual areas. It's also an opportunity for pupils to represent their schools and compete with each other to take back prizes and some silverware to demonstrate their skills- and the trophies are for keeps so they are a permanent  souvenir to furnish the school trophy cabinets!

This year the activities included: producing a large scale drawing in graphite or charcoal; planning and implementing outdoor activities for 5-8 year olds; creating a business idea to make 'your team' money; designing a 20th century look including make-up, hair and clothing; construction of a bird box and block paving; hanging and matching lengths of patterned wallpaper; physical and mental ability put to the ultimate sporting test; wiring a household circuit; building a desktop computer and a small network and creatively re-designing sample images. All events had to be conducted with the following considerations: Teamwork, care of equipment, anti-static and appropriate health and safety procedures and working in a safe manner and in accordance with instructions provided.

We were especially pleased to announce that once again this year's competition was sponsored by local and national organisations that are linked or partnered with the curriculum areas within the College. Each business offered a prize to the winning school of each event. We were delighted that main sponsorship of the competition was provided by PNE WIND UK who presented a £500 cheque joined by Carol Turnball, Principal of the College who also provided a cheque for £100 to the winning school- Dumfries Academy.

The day ran smoothly and the pupils worked hard. The level of work was extremely high with the judges having a tough time to choose their winners. The winners of each event were announced and the individual team members presented with a gift voucher from the College and a prize for their school from the individual event sponsors. The scores were then tallied from the individual events to discover the winning school. Trophies were presented for 1st place- Dumfries Academy, 2nd place- St. Joseph's College and 3rd place- Douglas Ewart High School. 

Carol Turnbull Principal of Dumfries & Galloway College said: "I was delighted with the level of interest and commitment and would like to thank all the schools for taking part and to all the Sponsors for their generous contributions. Over 180 pupils certainly added to the buzz and noise level around the College and the Staff worked extraordinarily hard to organise the event and the individual competitions. The aim was to provide an insight into the college and the wide range of courses we offer and the different events certainly highlighted that. Congratulations to Dumfries Academy, this year's winners and we look forward to inviting you all back next year."

Brian Mills from Dumfries Academy commented: "All of our pupils from Dumfries Academy who took part today had a great experience, and they thoroughly enjoyed every moment. We had three teams winning individual events, but the contribution every pupil made to winning the overall event was outstanding. I am proud of the way they embraced the challenge together, and they were deserved winners."

Katherine Newlands, Communications Manager from PNE WIND UK commented: "PNE WIND UK is proud to be working with Dumfries and Galloway College to support the Annual Schools Competition. We enjoyed being involved in such a worthwhile event and were delighted to see so many pupils demonstrate enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit. Supporting the local communities in which we work is a key priority for PNE and we look forward to working with the college in the future."