Climate Change gets colourful at Kirkcowan Primary School

Kirkcowan Primary School pupils have transformed their school grounds after having hands-on fun painting a giant mural on the side of the building, thanks to the help of Rowanbank Environmental Education.

After winning an in-school competition, budding artist Millie Gray’s (P6, age 9) design was selected to include in the final creation, which detailed ‘things that help the environment’ and demonstrated what the kids had learnt about climate change as part of the school’s curriculum.

Rowanbank, PNE WIND UK’s education partner, ran a workshop with the pupils where they got to play interactive games, teaching them about climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency. They were then joined by artist Kate George, who helped bring the children’s vision for the mural to life.

Mrs Andrews from Kirkcowan Primary School commented: “We are really glad that Rowanbank and PNE WIND UK could help the children get their vision for a mural off the ground. By focusing on the environment and
nature it has allowed us to bring a little bit more of the countryside into our own backyard.”

Lucy Power of Rowanbank commented: “The workshop gave the children the opportunity to think further about climate change, building upon what they had already learnt in class and investigate the power of wind, water and sun as renewable energy sources. It was an added bonus being able to help the children complete their mural for the playground.”

Katie Newlands, Communications Manager of PNE WIND UK commented: “We were pleased to be able to help Kirkcowan Primary School pupils bring their climate change creation to life. Rowanbank’s educational workshops bring a fun and interactive approach to learning about the role of renewable energy technologies and it was great to see such an enthusiastic response from pupils and teachers alike.”



Kirkcowan Primary School Mural