Altercannoch Wind Farm Project

At the end of 2013 PNE WIND UK will be submitting a planning application to South Ayrshire Council for a ten turbine wind farm, to be known as Altercannoch, situated on farmland south of the village of Barrhill.


Last week PNE WIND held public exhibitions in Barrhill and Pinwherry to introduce local people to their proposals and to explain how PNE WIND would work in partnership with the local community to deliver long-term economic, social and environmental benefits to the area, if the Altercannoch wind farm is approved.


Calum Watt, PNE WIND UK Project Manager said:


"We are pleased with the turnout of the Altercannoch Wind Farm events and we would like to thank local people for taking the time to come and view the exhibition and for giving us their points of view.


"Public consultation is a key part of the development process and over the coming months we will continue to consult with local communities on our Altercannoch proposal through newsletters, the project website and by holding a further round of exhibitions in the autumn.


"PNE will also be establishing a Community Council Liaison Group (CCLG) to keep local people updated on the project as it makes its way through the planning process. We will continue to share information and receive comments on the proposal put forward on behalf of the local communities"