Hill of Braco Wind Analysis Complete

Moving forward with the proposals for Hill of Braco Wind Farm, PNE Wind UK has confirmed that it will be removing the meteorological mast at the site as enough data has been gathered to support its plans.

The temporary meteorological mast was installed in April 2010 to assess the wind speeds and direction on the site, and after 3 years of information gathering, the structure will be dismantled and removed in July.

PNE Project Manager for Hill of Braco, Megan Richardson commented:


“The temporary met mast has enabled PNE to assess the wind conditions of the site and we are satisfied that we have now gathered sufficient data from the mast to inform our proposals.

“Removing temporary met masts is a routine practice and we do not anticipate any impact upon local residents, however, if anyone does have any questions we will be happy to answer them and contact details are available
on the project website at”