Community Shows Support as PNE Submits Buchan Wind Farm Plans


PNE WIND UK has submitted plans for eight wind turbines at their Hill of Braco site north of Hatton in Buchan. 

An independent telephone survey of the Buchan area showed a majority of support for the wind farm plans – from a sample of 346 households, 43% were in favour of the project, 21% held a neutral stance, with only 29%  tating that they were against the scheme.

Should Hill of Braco Wind Farm be consented, PNE has agreed with local communities to donate £5,000 per MW of installed capacity into a local fund – which could equate to £100,000 per year and potentially more than £2m over the lifetime of the wind farm.

On submission of the planning application, which was lodged with Aberdeenshire Council on 20th February, project manager Megan Richardson said:

“Over the past year PNE has responded to members of the local community and consultees and we are delighted that we have now submitted our application to Aberdeenshire Council for a 20MW, 8 turbine wind farm, featuring turbines with a maximum tip height of 100m.

“There has been significant input from the local community, particularly from the Community Liaison Group and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has taken the time to provide constructive feedback on the project and help us to develop the best possible plans for the site.

“The results of the independent survey are very encouraging and prove that there is real support for the Hill of Braco Wind Farm and that the local community are keen to see the valuable contribution this project could bring to Buchan in terms of community benefit and meeting our wider energy needs.”

The submission follows a year-long programme of community engagement which included two rounds of exhibitions and the creation of a community liaison group, which met on Wednesday (20th)evening to discuss and view the planning application.  PNE will continue to be active in the area and remain available to anyone who has any questions about the project or the planning process.