PNE WIND UK to review wind farm plans

PNE WIND UK has withdrawn its current planning application for Hill of Braco Wind Farm, north of Hatton, Buchan, to allow the company further time to consider comments by key stakeholders and local residents.

The proposals, for a 20MW wind farm, have been the subject of over 2 years of scientific studies and community consultation. In response to questions raised by statutory consultees the plans have been withdrawn from Aberdeenshire Council’s planning system to ensure that the company can continue discussions to address key questions regarding the proposals.

A spokesperson for PNE Wind UK commented:

“PNE is committed to working constructively with key stakeholders and the community. By withdrawing our application it will allow our experienced team further time to continue discussions with consultees to ensure that our proposals are the best fit for the local area.

“Throughout the development process we have placed strong emphasis on community engagement. We recognise that there are a small number of local residents who may not support our plans. However we will continue to maintain our close links with the area to ensure that the community is aware of our progress.

“We have a dedicated and experienced team working on this project and we are confident that we can find an amicable solution.”

The planning application for Hill of Braco was withdrawn from Aberdeenshire Council’s planning system on 27th August 2013. Members of the PNE Hill of Braco Community Liaison Group, including Cruden, Deer and Longside and District Community Councils and MOCWAG, were notified in writing prior to the announcement.