Independent Survey Finds Local Support for Proposed Tralorg Wind Farm

Independent research into the views of people in the communities surrounding the site of a proposed new wind farm east of Girvan has found the considerable support for the plans.

As part of PNE WIND UK's continuing public engagement process, which has included six publix exhibitions, meetings with community representatives and the formation of a Community Council Liaison Group, the company commissioned an independent market research organisation to carry out a telephone survey of households in the area around the site, to find out more about local residents' views of the proposed scheme.

This summer 1,074 households were contacted and 611 households completed the survey. The results show that almost half of households (49.26%) were in favour of the plans and a further 18% held a neutral or no opinion view. The remaining 32% of survey respondents said they were against the scheme.

The Tralorg Wind Farm project is for 8 turbines with an installed capacity of up to 20MW, which would meet the annual electricity consumption requirements of up to 10,500 homes.

If Tralorg WInd Farm is consented, PNE WIND UK will encourage local companies to tender for contracts during the construction phase.

In addition to this, a substantial amount of indexed linked funding would be provided by a community benefit that would be paid annually during the 25-year lifetime of the wind farm. It has been agreed that the money would be paid to Carrick Futures and made available to local community projects and groups in order to facilitate tangible, long-term benefits for all sections of the community.

Gilbert Stevenson, Development Operations Manager for PNE WIND UK:

"The results of the independent research are very encouraging- it proves that there is some real local support for the Tralorg Wind Farm and that the local community is keen to see the benefits that the project would bring to the area"

"By creating new employment opportunities and commerical openings for local businesses through the providing substantial fundings for projects that could help transform the facilities that local people are able to enjoy for decades to come: the Tralorg Wind Farm has great potential to make a really positive impact in and around Girvan"