Kennoxhead Wind Farm Plans

At the end of the year, PNE WIND UK Limited will be submitting an application for consent and deemed planning permission to the Scottish Ministers, for the construction and operation of a 26 turbine wind farm, to be known as the Kennoxhead Wind Farm, situated on land to the south of the A70 near the village of Glespin in South Lanarkshire.

The design for the Kennoxhead Wind Farm has taken into account the results of the environmental surveys, technical constraints and feedback from the consultation process, including PNE's first round of public exhibitions in June. The company is now in the position to present its latest desing to the community and is holding a second round of public exhibitions from 4pm-8pm on:

Wednesday, 21st Novemeber at the Douglas Arms Hotel, Douglas

Thursday, 22nd November at the Glespin Community Hall, Glespin

Gilbert Stevensons, Project Manager, PNE WIND UK:

"Public consultation is a key part in the development of our wind farm proposals and over the past year we have consulted with the local communities close to the wind farm site through newsletters, a project website, regular meetings with the Kennoxhead WInd Farm Community Liaison Group (CLG) and by holding public exhibitions.

"If the Kennoxhead Wind Farm is consented, PNE WIND UK will work in close partnership with the local community to deliver tangible, long-term economic, social and environmental benefits to the area"