Community Representatives Meet to Discuss Wind Farm Plans

Community representatives from across South Lanarkshire met this week with the Edinburgh based renewable energy developer PNE WIND UK at a newly formed communilty liaison group.

The group, who plan to meet regularly over the coming months, has been formed to discuss plans for the Kennoxhead Wind Farm project situated on moorland to the south of Glespin.

With representatives invited from Douglas, Glespin, Coalburn and Duneaton the group will allow information exchange between the developer and communities, giving local people the opportunity to participate and shape the development as it progresses towards planning submission.

Gilbert Stevenson, Project Manager for the Kennoxhead Wind Farm said;

"By involving the local community in our plans we hope to develop a sensitively designed wind farm which will benefit the surrounding communities long into the future.

"We would like to thank all the representatives who attended the first meeting on Monday; the Community Liaison Group will provide a valuable forum for discussion and information exchange between PNE WIND UK and local people.

"We will alternate our meetings between the villages of Douglas and Glespin and hope to hold a number of public events in the summer".