Kennoxhead Wind Farm gets the Thumbs up from Local People

Last week, local villagers attended an exhibition detailing plans for the 26 turbine wind farm project at Kennoxhead, on land south of the A70, near Glespin in South Lanarkshire.

PNE WIND UK's exhibition highlighted the final design of the proposed wind farm, outlining the position of the turbines and the height and scale of the project.

Katie Newlands, PNE WIND UK Community Engagement Officer:

"We are delighted to have recieved so much positive feedback from this year's exhibitions including the exhibition at Glespin last week; more than 90% of those attending, who expressed an opinion, were in favour of the development, with the remaining 8% expressing a neutral opinion.

"These results give us confidence that the substantial benefits that this scheme would bring to the area are understood and welcomed"

This week, on behalf of the project's Community Liaison Group, an independent market research company has been commissioned to carry out a telephoen survey of households in and around the area surrounding Kennoxhead. The questions are aimed at finidng out how the wind farm can deliver real, long-term economic, social and environmental benefits to the area if the Kennoxhead wind farm is approved.

Katie Newlands, PNE WIND Community Engagement Officer:

"The telephone survey will help members of the local community liaison group identify ways in which a Kennoxhead Development Trust could provide funding for local services and amenities and make a real difference to the well-being of the community for decades to come.

"The fund, which would run for 25years if the wind farm is approved, would be worth around £300,000 each year, so we hope that people will be happy to take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire"

PNE WIND UK will be submitting their application to the Scottish Government, inder section 36 of the Electiricity Act 1989, later this month.