PNE WIND UK submits plans for Tralorg Wind Farm in South Ayrshire

PNE WIND UK, on 16 December 2011, submitted a planning application for Tralorg Wind Farm to South Ayrshire Council.

The development of eight 2.5 megawatt wind trubines located on the high ground between Camregan, Tralorg and Saugh hill to the East of Girvan will have a total installed capacity of 20 megawatss- enough to power 10,000 homes.

PNE WIND UK has engaged with key stakeholders and the local community from an early stage in the project's development. This included discussions with the local Community Councils and a series of public exhibitions and newsletters to inform local residents of the proposal and allow them to comment on the plans.

Gilbert Stevenson, Project Manager for the Tralorg Wind Farm, said;

"PNE WIND UK have developed our proposals for the Tralorg Wind Farm in consultation with members of the local community and representatives from Community Councils in close proximity to the site.

PNE WIND UK made a commitment to members of the local community to submit the Tralorg Wind Farm planning application before the end of 2011; we are very pleased to be able to honour this commitment".

Detailed studies and surveys have been carried out by specialists to assess the suitability of the site and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) addressing issues such as visual impact, noise, traffic and access, has been prepared.