Community Development

A Good Neighbour

We are committed to supporting local communities close to our wind farm sites and we are keen to support local community projects wherever we can.


Helping fund sustainable communities

To help achieve our aim of delivering environmental, economic and community benefits, we offer significant community funds, which are managed by the community themselves.

We can establish a Community Development Trust and make payments into the trust based on the installed capacity of the wind farm. Community representatives manage the trust, with funds distributed to local projects and organisations within the vicinity of the wind farm.

Through close consultation, we encourage communities to put these funds towards sustainable projects. Ultimately though, it is up to the trust representatives to decide how the funds are allocated.


Creating jobs, boosting economies

Wind farms offer excellent opportunities for local business and delivering economic benefits to the community is a key aim of Brookfield Renewable UK Limited. When we are granted consent for a wind farm, we will encourage our infrastructure contractor to invite local companies to tender for contracts during the construction, operation and decommissioning phases.

By using the local workforce where possible, the development can have a direct and positive effect on the local economy.


To register your company onto our list of local contractors email us now on stating your local Brookfield Renewable project.


For more information regarding community development please contact us on 0131 243 9100 or via email to